Carl Nielsen (1865-1931)
Humoresque-Bagatelles, opus 11, FS 22
(arranged for wind instruments by Tor Mann)

I - Goddag! Goddag! (Hello! Hello!); II - Snurretoppen (The Spinning Top);
III - En lille langsom Vals (A Short Slow Waltz); IV - Sprællemanden (The Jumping Jack);
V - Dukke-March (Dolls' March); VI - Spilleværket (The Music Box)

Danish composer Carl Nielsen began his musical career as a bugler in the army. However, the quality of his early compositions assured him a musical education in Copenhagen.

The Six Humorous Bagatelles were written in 1894 for Nielsen’s own children. In their original scoring for piano they feature many characteristics of his more mature works, most notably the semiquaver patterns in the second Bagatelle which can be played without finger-passing. JCC

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