Franz Krommer
Concerto for Two Clarinets

Krommer was born the son of innkeeper Georg Krommer in Kamenitz (Bohemia). He was a violinist, composer and conductor who received musical training from his uncle, Matthias Krommer, who was a schoolmaster, organist and composer of much notable church music. He made his career in the service of various noblemen, becoming choir master and Chief Conductor at the cathedral of Funfkirchen. He finally settled in Vienna where he became the Kapellmeister to Duke Ignaz Fuchs and laster Ballett-Kapellmeister of the imperial court theatre of Emperor Franz I. He succeeded L. A. Kozeluch on 13th September 1818 as the last officially appointed Chamber and Court composer. Krommer's music is mainly in the the style of his contemporaries, Haydn and Mozart, and his output includes over 150 compositions including many pieces for wind band and concertos for wind instruments. The concerto for two clarinets was probably composed before 1800, and the classical style is very much apparent throughout the piece. DPS

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