Denes Agay
Five Dances

I - Polka; II - Tango; III - Bolero; IV - Waltz; V - Rumba

These five dances composed by Denes Agay in 1956 are all light-hearted, characterful miniatures. The first, a Polka, is bright and cheerful, with humorous touches from the bassoon bass and the interjected offbeats and grace notes of the upper instruments. The following Tango, though more relaxed, is nevertheless rhythmical, and allows the flute and oboe to take on a more soloistic role. Next comes an animated Bolero, starting with a clarinet and bassoon ostinato which is transformed into an incessant quaver rhythm in all instruments as the piece unfolds. The succeeding movement, a steady, one-in-a-bar Waltz, sees the melody passed from horn round the various instruments of the ensemble and back again to end. A lively Rumba provides the finale, with much excitement created by the energy of offbeat accents. CMW

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